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Redesigning CCSA Website


Visual and interaction design
Information Architecture
High-Fi prototyping


Potential Users

Crucial role in communicating with parents, students, broader community art enthusiasts, visitors, guests, and community members (Residents of the local community interested in participating or attending public events and exhibitions!


  • Outdated Design: The visual elements, including color schemes, typography, and overall layout, needed a contemporary overhaul to create a more appealing and professional look.

  • Poor User Experience (UX): Navigation through the website was not intuitive, causing difficulties for users in finding relevant information.

  • ResponsivenessThe existing website was not fully responsive across various devices and screen sizes.

  • Accessibility: The current website didn't meet the latest accessibility standards, limiting access for individuals with disabilities.

  • Ineffective Communication: The website didn't effectively communicate the institution's values, achievements, and unique selling points.

Feedback on the current version

Within these three years, CCSA school has received much feedback regarding the usability of their website, and how user-friendly it is for users, including parents and students. Following are the questions that are asked frequently by different users in terms of navigation and information achievements:

How can I find the schedule of each course?

Where can I see the tuition fee for each program?

How can I find the courses related to a specific age?

What are the main material for each course that need to be provided before attending courses?

Why I can't figure it out which course has been designed for which  type of  program (Online/In-studio)?

Is there any page to discover more about the experience of previous students and achievements?


Here are some of the solutions we came up with to provide a user-friendly environment for users in a wide spectrum of ages:

  • Visualizing the user journey through each task to gain accurate information,

  • Classifying all offered programs for students for better navigation,

  • Providing access to all artworks related to previous student's artworks,

  • Informing users regarding the latest events and programs,

  • Providing an interactive environment to all users to keep them more engaged, and encourage them to explore more,

  • Gathering all essential information for each course and event to make the user more confident regarding the information that has been provided for ease of access.

Information Architecture

CCSA User flow (3).jpg

Colour Palette

CCSA Color Plattes.jpg


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